Making All Voice Count (MAVC) — Provides TGCI with funding support and guidance to Implement its project in Liberia. Website:

Ministry of Gender, Children and Social Protection – The Project seeks to build the capacity of the Ministry of Gender, Children and Social Protection to engage with citizens preventing and addressing incidents of child and youth sexual abuse. The Ministry of Gender is providing staff at the country and headquarters level to implement the Project. Facebook page:

Ministry of Health – The Project is helping to build the capacity of the Ministry of Health to provide services and support to victims of sexual abuse and their families. Website:

Ministry of Justice – The Project is helping build the capacity of Support Ministry of the Ministry of Justice to investigate, refer and persecute perpetrators through The Women and Children Protection Section of the Liberian National Police (WACPS/LNP). Website:

iLab Liberia – Provided technology and technical support during the Project’s pilot phase. Website:

Mano River Union – Helped create linkages between law enforcement agencies in Grand Cape Mount, Liberia and the border country of Sierra Leone. Such linkages will help apprehend the perpetrators of sexual abuse who attempt to flee arrest. Website:

Bureau of Immigration and Neutralization/ Border Patrol of Liberia and Sierra Leone—Helped in strengthening cross border linkages and preventing perpetrators from fleeing. Website: